For a scenic ride in any season, start 9 miles west of Killdeer on Highway 200 and go north on good gravel roads, viewing the western slope. The road winds through part of the Wildlife Management Area. After traveling approximately 10 miles, turn east and enjoy a view of the North and South Mountains as you reach Highway 22, which will take you back to Killdeer.

The Highway 22 Route holds the secrets of buffalo herds, Indian children at play, longhorn cattle drives, wagons carrying grain to market and supplies to settlers, as well as the more recent “oil boom” traffic. Glimpses of buildings from early settlement days are still seen along the highways and byways.

Our land has been inhabited by many, from prehistoric dinosaurs and saber toothed tigers, to American Indians, such as the Hidatsa, Arikara, Mandan and Sioux, who followed the great buffalo herds to Western Dakota, along with men of vision like Teddy Roosevelt and the Marquis de Mores who established a meat-packing empire in Medora in the 1880s.